Rainy september week-end. // Week-end pluvieux de septembre.

Stayed inside all sunday. I can’t wait until it’s raining like crazy and I get to listen to storms and put my red boots on.

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djihane-s asked: Bonsoir,Parlez-vous français ? :)


I was tagged to do this Then & Now drawing by the lovely lajeunefilleauxcheveuxblancs

I chose 14 and 20 because it’s been a bloody long 6 years

I’d love to see other people’s if anyone is up for it!

I didn’t saw this!!!! HOW COULD I’VE mISSED IT!??

Maybe because I was busy buying black dresses too..

// PS: I just noticed that your former self is looking forward and your actual self is looking the other way around. Mmmmh… 

WIP- New project I’m working on! 

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Got this baby waiting for me today :) so happy with it!

Illustration made by the brilliant and sweet lajeunefilleauxcheveuxblancs! Thank you Céline, it’s perfect!

(And yes, it’s me and my fluffy rabbit) :)
Yaaaasss!!! Dancing in a happy cloud of joy! ;-)
So glad that you got it safe and sound and that you like it!!
(You can get you own phone case here!)


So I started learning French…

lajeunefilleauxcheveuxblancs, still sitting here admiring you from afar (this doodle is for you).

Aww! Thank you dear! And yes, french doesn’t make any sense. Courage! Et bienvenue du côté obscur de la force!

Concours Lajeunefille + Vive la Rose et le Lilas. | Facebook

Dernières heures pour participer au concours Lajeunefille!!!!

This is a safe space - September 2014.

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Clouds shapes - september 2014.

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Vive la Rose et le Lilas : Interview de Lajeunefille + Concours (3 lots à gagner!)



Vous avez toujours rêvé d’en savoir plus sur Lajeunefille?

Et bien ne rêvez plus et filez lire le petit interview réalisé par la rédactrice en chef du blog Vive la Rose et le Lilas ! J’y réponds à 3 questions cruciales et poétiques et y évoque mes sources d’inspiration…

Une raison de plus d’aller lire l’article :

Jusqu’au 17 septembre, vous pouvez participer au concours co-organisé par Vive la Rose et le Lilas et Lajeunefille.

  1. 1er prix: le sac “Robe couleur soleil” ci-dessus.
  2. 2eme prix: 2 petits carnets de notes cousus main.
  3. 3eme prix: Un lot de 10 cartes postales Lajeunefille.

Pour participer, c’est facile! Il faut:

  • Liker la page Facebook de Lajeunefille.
  • Liker la page Facebook de Vivelaroseetlelilas qui organise le concours.
  • Et envoyer un mail avec son adresse postale à vivelaroseetlelilas[@]gmail.com  pour dire qu’on veut participer! :)

Toutes les informations et bien plus encore sur l’événement Facebook lié au concours. 

LAST CHANCE TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!! // Dernière chance pour participer au concours! (MERCRDI 17 SEPTEMBRE + DERNIER DELAI).

16 . 09 . 14    +7

Now I’m just going to stalk some of your blogs! :)

If I follow you back it’ll be with this url viresqueacquiriteundo since it’s my original/official mainblog on tumblr. (Just so you know).

15 . 09 . 14    +5

I was to exhausted at work today…At some point I just wanted to break into a fit of nervous giggles.

Here are some doodles I scribbled on my organizer.

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lefuckinsoleil asked: Hey, I stumbled upon your before and after drawing and I really love it! I moved to paris 2 years ago at the age of 23, it would be really interesting for me to see as well how it changes me and how it doesn't... Paris, and time in general... Although I'm here for 2 years now, I still know very little about the place, so if you have any tips and suggestions, please share!! I also love your other stuff as well!! :3

*J’ai deux amouuuuurs!!! Mon pays et Parisss!!*

Aaaahhhh… Thank YOU for liking my stuff, that’s always nice to hear. Well, about living in Paris, I don’t know if the city changed me or just the fact that I was living my parents and family in order to study in a big city. Paris is wonderful, all the museums and the culture you have access to… But it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. 

Anyways, if you want to keep track: write stuff, take pictures, draw, document! So when you’re old and wrinkled you can say: “yeah, I had good times!” and “yeah, I was a bit stupid”.

(Mostly stupid).

I woke up this morning and there were 500 of you!! It’s magic! Yay!

// So welcome to my dear, dear new followers! Don’t be afraid, I’m french. //

Coup de baguette magique pendant la nuit. Bienvenue! :)

Flawless - September 2014.

Lajeunefille feat. Beyoncé. (Because there is no such thing as too much Beyoncé).

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