rubyetc a réagi à votre photo “This is my maxi skirt but without me in it - July 2014. A little…”


Hehe! My skirt travels without me sometimes… ;)

Watetcolor photoset - July 2014.

Il y a des jours avec et des jours sans. Le photoset des aquarelles et faux semblants…

  1. This is my maxi skirt, but without me in it.
  2. Fruits déguisés. // Fruits in disguize.
  3. Des nuages sans pluie. // Rainless clouds.

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Fruits déguisés // Fruits in disguise - July 2014.

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livreclem asked: J'adore le nouveau dessin nouvel horizon

Ohoh ! Merci! <3

Moi aussi je l’aime beaucoup!

(Tellement que j’en ai commandé un exemplaire en t-shirt, là.)

Des nuages sans pluie // Rainless cloues - July 2014.

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This is my maxi skirt but without me in it - July 2014.

A little watercolor I made in response to rubyetc's drawing.

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Aquatic themed drawings from this summer. 

  1. New horizons - July 2014.
  2. Merman - July 2014.

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The merman/maid.

It’s raining on the beach, so here, have some genderless sea creature.


Well, hello to all my new followers! :)

If you didn’t’ know already, I have a FACEBOOK PAGE! 

So like me and I will like you to the moon and back ♡ 

Little remnants of my watercolor afternoon…

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English words explained to my mum. Lesson n°2 : Melonssss!

  • How do you say “pastèque” in english?
  • Well, “pastèque” comes from a fruit family…
  • Huh… Cucumber?
  • Hahahahaha! No! 
  • Melon?
  • Yes! It’s like a melon but it’s very fresh. You usually eat it when you’re thirsty…
  • Fresh melon?
  • No!
  • Water melon?
  • YESsss!

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English words explained to my mum. Lesson n°1: Blueberries.

My mother is taking english lessons for her work, so in the evening we have “english sessions” so she can improve her conversational skills! Last night she had to guess what I’d put in her smoothie. Time to learn some new vocabulary!


I had a revelation just moments ago. I know what happened to my feet ; rubyetc, sneeeeezed on them!!


// if you don’t believe me, look at her little comic above, she as good as admited to committing the crime.


rubyetc replied to your post: There is no such thing as too much gli…

omg beautiful!

eheh! What is? The glitter, my shoes, my feet, or the watermelon?!!! 

There is no such thing as too much glitter, right? ;)

// Happy summer holidays!//

(Click on the pictures to see the little fruits and veggies and stuff on my feet!)

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