♡ Cute little fox wishes you a good day! // Le petit renard mignon vous souhaite de passer une belle journée!  ♡

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Oooh the fox… like like like!

Hehe! I can send you one if you wish! ;-)

saskiakeultjes replied to your post: I just bought these cuties and tattooe…


I know, right! :)

(Looooove your floating hamburger icon, btw!)

I just bought these cuties and tattooed the fox one on my arm. So kewt! 

Octobre - Un petit hommage à cette chanson

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This is a safe space - September 2014.

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I’m currently on holidays so I have a lot of time to spend alone. Alone means safe for me. But too much time spent alone can also mean anxiety hitting you back at full speed: hard to find the right balance. So be safe little ones!

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ahahaha we used to do potato printing at primary school but never tried a leek! beetroot is such an annoyance but I’ll eat it for ya it’s my fav in vinegar

beetroot in vinegar what is this trickery



Hi everybody,

I’m looking for illustrators for an ILLUSTRATION PROJECT and I need your help!

My goal is to create a magazine for my bachelor thesis about the own drawing style. The reader should receive an impression of different drawing styles and views on the subject based on a lot of self-portraits of various illustrators. National and international artist can join in.

Many well-known illustrators already take part in this project!

f.l.t.r. Amrei Fiedler, Felix Scheinberger, Mawil, Anna Jansen

I’m grateful for every reblog to make this project big and successful!

All you’ve to do to take part in:
It‘s simple: Just draw a selfportrait. Feel free to draw yourself as you want to. It‘s important that the own drawing style is clearly recognizable, so the reader can compare the different illustrations easily.

You also have to describe „style“ in 1-3 sentences. What does style mean to you? How do you defind style in relation to the own drawing style? NOT YOUR OWN DRAWING STYLE! 

For example:

"Stil entwickelt sich von selbst. Er ist einfach die Art uns Auszudrücken und das entwickelt sich schlicht durchs machen. Das was uns gut von der Hand geht und uns gefällt ist unser Stil." - Felix Scheinberger

"Style is who you are, from how you dress to how you see the world. Everyone’s is different, it’s what defines you and lets you be the individual you are." - Caroline Boyk

1st December 2014

All criteria you’ve to note can be found at the link below! Also please check the FAQ before asking.

After my exam and presentation I will plan a Kickstarter Project to publish the book. Thus all have a chance to buy a copy.


Gonna join.

Seems like a cool project! I’ll try to join!

rubyetc a réagi à votre diaporama “So my friends at Le Labo de Ficelles challenged me to make art only…”


Thank you! I like the “cloud” one. It’s crazy to think that I did it with the hairy end of a leek! (God, this sentence sounds soooo ridiculous).

Btw, I quite painted my kitchen red with all the beetroot juice in the process. Fun fact, I really hate beetroot so now I have all this beetroot standing in my fridge and I won’t ever eat it.

Behind the scenes of my vegetable drawing challenge! (Oh god, that is such a ridiculous name, sorry).

To see the result and learn why on earth I did this, click here.

So my friends at Le Labo de Ficelles challenged me to make art only using vegetables and here is the result. I used mainly leek, beetroot and endive.

If you want to learn more about the process and see more pics, click here to check their blog!

Samedi 18 octobre.

Je me suis remise au dessin à l’encre ce matin. J’adore cette sensation que procure la plume ; comme si je tatouais le papier. 

// I went back to experimenting with india ink. I missed it so much!

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October 2014- Having fun coloring this little trio! 

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Ce matin, atelier  épistolaire avec du papier à lettres Cath Kidston et une carte postale Lajeunefille. // Sending a letter with réal pretty paper always feel so good.


La douleur - October 2013.

// The pain. /

Bringing this back one year later.